Ask a question Get answers to your question from experts in the community. I'm so sorry if I'm wrong. Request for Integration Add checklist items; Filters; Using templates; Installation. For example, at Gemfile.local: gem ' activeresource ' Here is a simple ruby script that demonstrates how to use the Redmine REST API: You can make a test on terminal or ide workbench. Redmine is a customizable and flexible project management system. I seem to get this [:authorize] no matter which API access key I use. Developers API. Added by gabriel visconti about 6 years ago. I followed the examples, but I can't get issues where assigned_to_id is null. This only works when using the API This only works when using the API /// with an administrator account, this header will be ignored when using the API with a regular user account. Learn more! Planned - planned in a future version, depending on developer availability You can review the list of all the API changes for each version. RE: Using the REST API with PHP - Redmine, project_id: get issues from the project with the given id, where id is either project id or project identifier. Features in Redmine include numerous workspaces, issue tracking, assigning tasks, wikis, forums, and time-tracking. ActiveResource (Rails)¶ On Redmine 3.x (Rails 4.2), you need to add 'activeresource' gem. Redmine can be used across platforms and databases. The id of the time activity. google_ad_slot = "4617391515"; As of Redmine V2.2 you can impersonate user through the REST API : $ client = new Redmine \ Client ( '' , 'API_ACCESS_KEY' ); // impersonate user $ client -> setImpersonateUser ( 'jsmith' ); // create a time entry for jsmith $ client -> time_entry -> create ( $ data ); // remove impersonation for further calls $ client -> setImpersonateUser ( null ); (key and other data is real in the query - feel free to use it. Hey man, whats version are you using of php-api? - YoshinoriN/RedmineUserImport. I have to use basic HTTP authorization (provide username & password), but I need to use API access key. Getting started. This tutorial explains how to upload some attachments to a task via JSON using the REST API. google_ad_slot = "4617391515"; Short description for … Developers API. are there any parameters I need to provide in the request before sending the XML body? ... Attachment Rest api Tasks. You can find your API key by logging into Redmine and navigating to "My Account" and in the right hand panel slicking on "Show" API … I'm happy that I am again with you. The new fluent-style API (v. 4.x) requires a transport instance for most calls. . Note: "GET" request to the same server successfully returns list of issues in XML format. this does not print any errors, but does not create any tasks on the server. //-->. Beta - usable for integrations with some bugs or missing minor functionality 3. RE: POST request example to create Issue through REST API - Added by Chrisitian Noack over 10 years ago If you want to use the REST API to create an issue from the command line (maybe just for testing), you can do the following: Easy Redmine has a complex API (application programing interface) which enables easy integration with other systems. This parameter is required unless a default activity is defined in Redmine. You can further follow our discussion here: Developers API. How to allow non-admin users to see Contacts/Deals? It will shows all results where assigned_to_id is null. This feature is not available right now. ignore the "strikethrough" formatting. REST API Contact tags; REST API Contacts; REST API Deal categories; REST API Deal statuses; REST API Deals; FAQ. Easy Redmine REST API Documentation • easyredmine Redmine exposes some data via REST API for which Python-Redmine provides a simple but powerful Pythonic API inspired by a well-known Django ORM: google_ad_height = 15; The Redmine API is not fully complete, and you should use the latest version to have access to the most features. (Custom field must have 'used as a filter' checked. Create . how do I pass the Issue parameters? tracker_id: get issues from the tracker with the given id, status_id: get issues with the given status id only. Intro. me can be used instead an ID to fetch all issues from the logged in user (via API key or HTTP auth), cf_x: get issues with the given value for custom field with an ID of x. should I move "key" to the URL? Any result will be a perl HASH, transformation of the json response into a perl HASH. Some example API methods include creating, - YoshinoriN/RedmineUserImport ... user1,pass1111,firstName1,last1,,true user2,pass1112,firstName2,last2,,true user3,pass1113,firstName3,last3,3@example… The Redmine API allows developers to access and integrate some of its data in other applications. Redmine API at Planio. Prerequisites. Block issue closing Python-Redmine¶ Python-Redmine is a library for communicating with a Redmine project management application. Redmine REST API. First, create an instance of RedmineManager and then obtain its transport: First, create an instance of RedmineManager and then obtain its transport: This plugin uses Redmine REST API - to enable it, login into your Redmine, navigate to Administration -> Settings -> Authentication, check "Enable REST web service" and Save. I also tried advice from Eric (Redmine developer): curl --insecure -X POST -H "Content-Type: text/xml" -d "apitaskconnec, tor-test" How to change major currencies? google_ad_width = 468; Some example API methods include creating, editing, and deleting resources in Redmine, such as issues, projects, users, time entries, and attachments. I run and I've decided to provide more help to Alexey solve his problem.