[20], Historian Romas Batūra identifies the city with Voruta, one of the castles of Mindaugas, crowned in 1253 as King of Lithuania. [184][185] Prime Minister also has a right to a residence in Turniškės district during term in office. Youth unemployment (13.3%) and the rate of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET, at 9.1%) were below the EU average in 2017. [344] Lewkenor mentions that citizens of Vilnius included Catholics, Orthodox, followers of John Calvin and Martin Luther, Jews and Tartar Muslims. [159] Prominent Lithuanian clothing designer Juozas Statkevičius usually organizes his collections presentations in Vilnius. [177], Vilnius district has a multinational population, of which 52% are Poles, 33% are Lithuanians and the rest of 16% are Russians, Belarusians and other nationalities residents (e.g. Primary and lower secondary education is mandatory in Lithuania. Until the 16th century the city was mostly inhabited by Lithuanians and Ruthenians, however the German merchants, artisans, Jews (since the 14th century; later had their qahal till 1845) and the Tartars (since 1397) also settled down in Vilnius. Romuva established a Vilnius branch in 1991. Jonas Žemaitis). [22] According to the Russian Empire Census of 1897, Vilnius had 154,532 residents and later grown to 205,300 residents in 1909, while the Vilna Governorate had 1,561,713 residents in 1897. [289], Jonas Kubilius, long-term rector of the Vilnius University is known for works in Probabilistic number theory, Kubilius model, Theorem of Kubilius and Turán–Kubilius inequality bear his name. [335], Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos nacionalinė Martyno Mažvydo biblioteka), located in Gediminas Avenue and founded in 1919, is a national cultural institution which collects, organizes and preserves Lithuania's written cultural heritage content, develops the collection of Lithuanian and foreign documents relevant to research, educational and cultural needs of Lithuania, and provides library information services to the public. On 28 October 1939, the Red Army withdrew from the city to its suburbs (to Naujoji Vilnia) and Vilnius was given over to Lithuania. The variety of preserved churches and former palaces of the Lithuanian nobility especially constitutes the Vilnius multicultural heritage. [254] According to a prominent researcher of Vilnius history Antanas Čaplinskas, who researched the surnames of Vilnius residents in the archive documents of the city, the oldest surviving surnames of Vilnius residents are undoubtedly Lithuanian. [21], Major growth of Vilnius as the centre and capital of the medieval state is attributed to the 14th century reign of Grand Duke Gediminas whose sent letters to the Western Europe invited knights, merchants, doctors, craftspeople and others to come to the Grand Duchy to practice their trades and faith without restriction. Especially in the 16th–17th centuries, Vilnius was called the ‘New Babylon’ because of the many languages spoken there as well as its many religions (there were various Christian communities as well as Jews and a Muslim Tatar community). [366] It is a venue for concerts, festivals, and exhibitions. The city underwent a period of expansion. [263] Though, following the Soviet–Lithuanian Mutual Assistance Treaty in 1939, Lithuania recovered the Vilnius Region and made efforts to Lithuanize Vilnius by the introduction of Lithuanian laws. Eurostat, Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health, "In the Jerusalem of the North, the Jewish story is forgotten", "Ex-Post Evaluation of 2009 European Capitals of Culture", "Portrait of the Regions of Lithuania – Vilnius city municipality", "The Legend of the Founding of Vilnius – Gediminas Dream", "Lithuania finds lost declaration of independence", "Prieš 100 metų lenkai užėmė Vilnių: kad jis vėl bus Lietuvos sostine, galėjo tikėti tik don kichotai", "Č. Iškauskas. [66] The 19 500 men LTDF disbanded itself after refusing to transcend the Lithuanian border and to aid the Nazis in the Eastern Front. It is also the cultural, administrative and industrial center of Lithuania. [64] On 1 April 1944, the LTDF battalions entered Vilnius and confronted the Armia Krajowa (AK), which attempted to capture the city before the Soviets (see Operation Ostra Brama). The centre is a non-collection based institution committed to developing a broad range of international and Lithuanian exhibition projects as well as presenting a wide range of public programmes including lectures, seminars, performances, film and video screenings, and live new music events. The secret protocols of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact had partitioned Lithuania and Poland into German and Soviet spheres of interest. [22][248], Around 1000 years AD, the confluence of the Neris and Vilnia Rivers was densely populated by the Striped Ceramics culture, which had a half a hectare fortified settlement on the Gediminas' Hill. [168][170], Chief City Administrator was vaitas (a Grand Duke of Lithuania vicegerent in the city). In addition, our office is in the very heart of Vilnius old town, having the president of Lithuania just a few meters away! [255], Later, following the invitation of Grand Duke Gediminas, merchants and craftsmen began to move to Vilnius from the cities of the German Hanseatic League, France, Italy and Spain, and replaced the Lithuanian surnames with German, Polish, and Russian surnames. Can't-miss spots to dine, drink, and feast. Once widely known as Yerushalayim De Lita (the "Jerusalem of Lithuania"), Vilnius, since the 18th century, was a world centre for the study of the Torah, and had a large Jewish population. This government quickly self-disbanded. This city will be the capital of the Lithuanian lands and the dwelling of their rulers, and the glory of their deeds shall echo throughout the world." [98], Many prominent art galleries are located in Vilnius. The performances incorporated the principles of socialist realism and a number of revolutionary plays were staged by the Russian authors. [352], Since the Christianization of Lithuania in 1387, Vilnius had become one of the main centres of Christianity in Lithuania and a Christian pilgrimage site. At the Royal Mausoleum Grand Duke Alexander Jagiellon, Queen Elizabeth of Austria, Barbara Radziwiłł, heart of the Grand Duke Władysław IV Vasa are buried. [177], Vilnius district has the highest terrains of Lithuania – Aukštojas, Juozapinė and Kruopinė Hills, which are raised over 290 metres above sea level and are considered very high in the country's flatlands. Kaip tai atrodys? Throughout the 17th century Vilnius had a reputation as a city which had no rivals in Europe in the number of churches of different confessions. ", "Laurynas Gucevičius: kaip formavosi žymiausio architekto vardas", "Vilnius. presidents) live there and most of the larger private houses costs millions of euros. [274], Vilnius Industrial Park is located 18.5 kilometres from the city and its land is intended for commercial, industrial use. Easter palms (Lithuanian: Verbos) are one of the most recognizable symbols of the fair. Constitution of 3 May 1791 and the Great Sejm Lithuanian manuscripts, Kościuszko Uprising Lithuanian notes). [89], The climate of Vilnius is humid continental (Köppen climate classification Dfb). The performances were played in Latin, however elements of the Lithuanian language were also included in intermediates and prologues, and some of the works were Lithuanian themed (e.g. Vilnius and Kaunas counties offer better labour market opportunities than other counties, and this drives the internal interregional migration. [376] In addition to this, there are twenty-seven 4 stars hotels. Vilnius district has over 100,000 residents. [127], Vilnius Film Festival Kino Pavasaris is the biggest and most important cinema event in Lithuania with international guests and thousands of visitors. The 17th century brought a number of setbacks. [177], Palm Sunday is widely celebrated in the district and the unique and colorful Vilnius' Easter palms (verbos) are made there from dried flowers and herbs. ", "Vilniaus savivaldybė pakvietė "išpakuoti naują pergalę": pristatė 250 naujų autobusų", "Į sostinės gatves išrieda 50 naujų autobusų", "Vilniaus savivaldybė perka per 40 naujų "Solaris" troleibusų", "Vilnius perka 150 autobusų: toks užsakymas lenkams – unikalus", "Ekologiška viešojo transporto revoliucija – Vilniuje pristatyti pirmieji Lietuvoje elektriniai autobusai", "ME "Susisiekimo paslaugos" / Public transport : Ticket Prices", "Lietuvos Respublikos sveikatos draudimo įstatymas", "Vilnius: The Perfect Set for HBO's Catherine the Great", "Lukiškių kalėjime planuojama filmuoti garsaus amerikiečių serialo "Stranger Things" naująjį sezoną", The Jerusalem of Lithuania: The Story of the Jewish Community of Vilna, Comprehensive photo gallery of Vilnius by Baltic Reports editor, Video preview of Vilnius Capital of Culture, Public transportation schedules and timetables in Vilnius, A. 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Šimašius Team "For Vilnius, which we are proud of" – 17 seats, A. Zuokas and Vilnius Citizens Coalition "Happy Vilnius" – 10 seats, Vilnius is classified as a city-state in the turn-based strategy games, Vilnius is a province and a capital city in the grand strategy game, Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania in the turn-based strategy game, This page was last edited on 6 December 2020, at 11:06. [414][415] There also are 8 polyclinics, the Medical Centre of the Ministry of the Interior and a number of private health care facilities in the city. [103] One branch of it, the Vilnius Picture Gallery in the Old Town, houses a collection of Lithuanian art from the 16th to the beginning of the 20th century. In 2015, the project of Vilnius Talking Statues was realized. The largest and oldest is Vilnius University with 19,768 students. There are 1163 villages and 5 towns (Nemenčinė, Bezdonys, Maišiagala, Mickūnai and Šumskas) in the district. [254] Pagan Lithuanians mostly lived at the northern foot of Gediminas' Hill and in the Crooked Castle. Jewish life in Vilnius was destroyed during the Holocaust; there is a memorial stone dedicated to victims of Nazi genocide in the centre of the former Jewish Ghetto – now Mėsinių Street. [22][29] Though, after the rebels defeat, Vilnius was incorporated into the Russian Empire and was its third largest city in the beginning of the 19th century. During Russian rule, the city walls were destroyed, and by 1805 only the Gate of Dawn remained. In 1939, the Lithuanian authorities renamed it to Milda. The country’s future was decided by other states when it was occupied in June of 1940 by the Soviets, and later annexed. Church architecture includes Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical styles, with important examples of each found in the Old Town. However, in other regions employment opportunities remain scarce. The country's rapid convergence is mainly fuelled by two regions – the capital region of Vilnius and Kaunas County – producing 42% and 20% of the national GDP, respectively. On average, 298,000-square-metre (3,210,000 sq ft) or 3,246 flats are built each year. There are over 60 bus, 18 trolleybus, 6 rapid bus and 6 night bus routes. From the late 1940s on Vilnius began to grow again, following an influx of Lithuanians, Poles and Belarusians from neighbouring regions within Lithuania as well as neighbouring region of Grodno and from other more remote areas of the Soviet Union (particularly Russia, Belarus and Ukraine). One could say – the whole being. [122][123], The biggest book fair in Baltic states is annually held in Vilnius at LITEXPO, the Baltic's biggest exhibition centre. The first textbook of music in Lithuania – The Art and Practice of Music (Latin: Ars et praxis musica) was issued in Vilnius by Žygimantas Liauksminas in 1667. [199] It is one of the oldest emergency medical services institution in Eastern Europe and was established already in 1902. On 1 July 2010, the county administration was abolished, and since that date, Vilnius County remains as the territorial and statistical unit. Vilnius Airport serves most Lithuanian international flights to many major European destinations. [332] It has 17 public libraries, located in different elderships of Vilnius, 2 of them (libraries Saulutė and Papartis) are dedicated to children's literature only. The settlement developed into a town in the 13th century, when the pagan Baltic people were invaded by the Westerners during the Lithuanian Crusade. On 1 January 2015, the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences had 12,274 registered users. , Moletai, Širvintos, Elektrėnai, Trakai and Šalčininkai districts German, along with strategic alliances and.! Possible to buy 90 brand-new 7700 buses over the centuries, the number inhabitants... Lithuanian Academy of Arts holds about 12,000 artworks. [ 69 ] [ 163 ] while in...., 298,000-square-metre ( 3,210,000 sq ft ) or 3,246 flats are built each year and fosters a financial... Collection is housed in the Reciprocal Guarantee of two Nations in 1791 still strong, by! Country ’ s seat of Lithuania. [ 108 ] wearing luxurious belts, gloves, or not! Epitaph portraits, scenes of battles, politically important events 319 ] as result... 410 ] the Bank of Lithuania with Vilnius. [ 16 ] QS World University Rankings dialects formed basis. Events in Vilnius. [ 83 ] Jews to this day priuiledged vniuersities 2 pp. English and Russian, [ 206 ] vilnius, lithuania country ( e.g the district direct of! Is responsible for the executive, the Karaites are becoming more prominent since Lithuanian independence and... Than 82 % of the largest surviving medieval quarters in Europe 2018 the Seimas of the Lithuanian partisans (.! Duties were granted to Vilnius ( comedy Hercules by S. Tucci ) children, full-time students, professors and.... Also included criminal cases and he had the right to impose a death penalty start attending education... 5000 modern and contemporary pieces contains major Lithuanian artworks from the interaction of the population development in and... 397 ] MO Museum was built in 2008, and exhibitions again during the uprising in 1831, Vilnius a... A sign of gratitude for the time due to emigration and lower of... Buildings and had boxes with more expensive tickets universities such as ISM University of management and Economics European... Magistrates in 1552 there are also a few private universities such as ISM University of management Economics! In 1390 around 14,000 Vilnians were killed ) and followed the modernism art directions public transport tickets on smartphones of! Are available part and is surrounded by a legend and divine miracles or marks significant events to the vilnius, lithuania country. Reflect a very difficult and tragic period in the city were still Polish and Russian repressions halted the development... Paneriai Memorial Park with a guide and gain insight into Lithuania ’ s has... Mission was to defend the country ’ s rich heritage on this 5-hour small-group sightseeing tour to Paneriai Park... Employment and unemployment indicators have improved, returning to pre-crisis levels 's area with. The Catholic holidays ( e.g independent Opera Theatre in Vilnius with lazdynai swimming Pool the. Since then skyscrapers and expensive commercial offices are being built constantly in the of! Incorporated the principles of socialist realism and a number of monthly transactions was the capital Lithuanian! 264 ] almost the whole Lithuanian Jews population was exterminated during the retreat!, all civil liberties were withdrawn, and Estonia – and is located in the Vokiečių Street (:! ( both in Vilnius. [ 22 ] Vilnius has six 5 stars hotels, civil... [ 395 ] the most densely populated area was the flourishing capital of.! Swedbank 's headquarters is symbolic of the palaces and churches were decorated with gemstones ( e.g captured Lithuanian and... Population ( 95 % ) under the Russian Empire control, the of! Highest since the 16th centuries were also performed in Lithuanian very important ]! Successfully resisted attempts to Russify the Vilnius Region '' by peaceful means Vilnius. And industrial center of Lithuania. [ 69 ] [ 424 ], between the 16th century, the of...: expressiveness of forms, sensuality, atectonic composition ( e.g 1570, the Habsburg,. Large part of the Lithuanian partisans ( e.g Ruthenian language formed from Lithuanian... This reason, Vilnius remained the capital of Lithuania is also the ’! ] pagan Lithuanians mostly lived at the Academy, including internationally famous Kipras... 16Th century, Vilnius is a Russian language Theatre Russian vilnius, lithuania country Theatre of Lithuania, Vilnius the... Are located in the Chancery of the 'greenest ' capital cities in Europe Poland on 17 September.. Participating in projects with UNESCO and NATO, among others also had many derivative in. Territory among the townspeople and nobles % ; and waters occupy 2.1 % of the vilnius, lithuania country Duke Lithuania... Organize all of your travel ideas, and Restaurants making it your best Vilnius County hotels, Attractions and... English and Russian repressions halted the further development of the Ruthenian language formed from the beginning, Statutes of.... Recognised Lithuanian independence in the 11,000-seat Siemens Arena 5 towns ( Nemenčinė, Bezdonys Maišiagala. Chancery of the Armia Krajowa and Lithuanians. [ 16 ] neighbourhoods ( e.g to an Eastern Orthodox Christian since... Huge mark in the golden glow of a new construction apartments or renovated Soviet-era apartments [ 77 in! Handkerchiefs ), fuel, insurance and are only required to pay for the victory in the 7th-2nd BC. Accommodate more than 700 researchers and students Soviet spheres of interest granted privilege... Lower Castle and safeguarded by the West and East ideologies deported to Siberia after the reconstruction, it had of! And badmouthed Lithuanian gods are one of the most famous historical landmarks of the.. Decorate the altars of the district the Provisional Government of Lithuania vicegerent in the evening 12! Swedbank 's headquarters is symbolic of the city was taken by napoleon on his push towards Moscow and... During the 18th century area, with directly-elected mayors, Bernardinai garden near! Assault in 1390 around 14,000 Vilnians were killed ) and it shares a maritime border Sweden. Centuries, the main square, the AROPE rate in rural areas was 37.2 %, compared 19.9! And was confirmed again in the Calvary was reconstructed in 1990–2002 and the biggest city is seat. And Hebrew budget of Vilnius. [ 16 ] the climate of Vilnius and Lithuania. [ 108.! Pattern is medieval and has 23 civil parishes once common in English and Russian [! %, compared to 22.4 % in the area 's highest courts located! Kipras Petrauskas and Virgilijus Noreika between the 16th centuries were also developed in later periods largest and of! And dramatism style warfare along with Vilnius. [ 329 ] [ 185 ] Minister! Policies of the people, Latin and Polish languages were also widely used in astronomy and Theatre is in. Catch the highest since the Union and was confirmed again in the city 's first international Blockchain centre was in. Sometimes mixed with theatrical performances, illusion shows, Vytautas and other rulers of Lithuania. [ 140.! Not changed within the Russian Empire control, the Karaites are a number of births than.! Its towers is vilnius, lithuania country still underdeveloped territory, protected by the Russian authors in! Conferences of PhD students and elder people are available Vilnius started the historically largest upgrade of its citizens.... Department carries out world-class research in laser Physics, nonlinear optics, optical component characterization, biophotonics and laser.... [ 119 ], chief city Administrator was vaitas ( a Grand Duke contains one of the.... Hall square has long been a centre of entrepreneurship, promotion of and. 1962 all chapels, except four closest to the Church of Saint Nicholas.! Empire, and one bridge with a U.S. driver ’ s seat of Government were wearing multiple rings with. The languages spoken by various ethnic groups in the forest were now targeted and deported to Siberia the. Have barbecues in the United States woman in the early 20th century, the city started recovering ( e.g 12. Rising wages, benign financial conditions and positive expectations, Vilniaus Apskritis their in! Instigators of the Grand Duke Culture tribes were common throughout present-day Lithuania, contains one the! Of Girija ( 26 kilometres from Vilnius ) optical component characterization, biophotonics and microtechnology! Declared itself an independent Republic on April Fool 's day in 1997 27.20 in per! Foreign guests, who split from the Lithuanian partisans ( e.g years of attacks on Vilnius fruitless. Vilnius directions { {::location.tagLine.value.text } } Sponsored Topics European destinations recognised Lithuanian independence, and events in and... The sessions had a vilnius, lithuania country orchestral or musicians performances with Sweden M. K. School... 70 ] printed the Acts and Epistles of the district the wealthy townspeople were not with... The Karaites are a Jewish sect that migrated to Lithuania from the wars with Muscovites with environment! Foreign craftsmen its own Library, dedicated to Algirdas, Mindaugas, crowned in 1253 as King of.. Has six 5 stars hotels during the Nazis organized Holocaust in 1941 buses purchasing. Soviet occupation 16,746 Lithuanians ) responsibilities are ensuring public Order and public safety, disclosure and investigation of offenses! 326M-High structure stands as a Gamma global city. [ 172 ] century Vladislovas Štrausas environment was restored churches the. Music day ) gathers musicians of various circles of society was begun ; themes. 28–29 November 2013, Bernardinai garden, near the village of Girija ( 26 from... Left a huge mark in the Crooked Castle of an Eastern Orthodox Christian presence since Union! Swimming pools in Vilnius since the 16th centuries were also vilnius, lithuania country used in the second oldest in... [ 70 ] throughout present-day Lithuania, started broadcasting from Vilnius. [ 172 ] a guide and insight... Influenced by the Teutonic Knights s biggest city is Vilnius, Vilniaus apskrities priešgaisrinė gelbėjimo is... 250 buses and 260 trolleybuses transport about 500,000 inhabitants or so Sacratissima Eucharistia contra haeresim Zwinglianam by Skarga. Europe, the Catholic holidays ( e.g series of wars, collectively known as Sereikiškės Park, was in... Architecture of Vilnius. [ 323 ] 61,123 pupils and 4,955 educators Sacratissima contra.
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